Dragonfly Springwater represents life.

For the Larrakia people of the Northern Territory, the dragonfly would herald the changing of the seasons. A time when the lands were teeming with activity, the barramundi plentiful. Their wings would buzz and hum as they danced in the sky to celebrate the end of the wet and a resurgence of nature, revitalised by the abundant waters flowing through the region.

It is a time of abundance, of new life and regeneration

Dragonfly Springwater embodies this spirit and draws its essence from these same natural sources, water as untouched as the ancient lands which nurtured it for generations beyond number.

First Nations Water

Our bottles carry life shaped by 60,000 years of births and deaths, fires and floods, cared for in its passing by the oldest nations on Earth.

Birrdibirripba, meaning “Dragonfly”

Dragonfly Springwater is proud to be 100% indigenous owned. We are the First Nations water company with solutions for all things water. We thank Lorraine Williams, Judith Williams, Maureen Ogden, Keith Risk and Anne Risk, for their work preserving the language and the development of the Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) seasonal calendar.

Our People

Dragonfly Springwater is also named for its founder, Charmaine Richards, a saltwater woman and descendant of the Larrakia nation. Charmaine now resides between the lands of the Peramangk people and Kaurna country, but honours the elders of her native Larrakia ancestors through her indigenous name in the Gulumoerrgin language.

Dragonflies remind us of family and the bringing together of families, as they are often seen together in groups around waterholes

Our Community

We also extend our thanks to the ongoing cooperation of The Circle – First Nations Entrepreneur Hub to help us work more closely with other indigenous owned partners and suppliers across South Australia.

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